Cheaper alternatives to a macro lens

Cheaper alternatives to a macro lens include the use of extension tubes, placed between a lens and camera body, thereby reducing the minimum focus distance, the use of reversing entries and use of close-up lenses attached to the front of an existing lens.

Lens Accessories

Tele-converters increase the lens magnification by a factor of either 1.4 x or 2x, and a zoom lens is specifically designed to work with them.Extension pipes and close-up filter attachment is another way to increase magnification for macro photography.A UV or skylight filter on each lens provides extra protection against accidental damage front lens element. a polarizing filter is well worth taking, because it will help contral reflections and increase color saturation. Many improvements that filters can achieve on film be added later to digital images through computer programs like Photoshop.

Digital Storage

Many digital cameras use some form of external storage memory card, such as XD, Smart Media (SD) or CompactFlash (CF). Storage capacity is measured in megabits (mb) or Gigabits (GB). The higher the “MB” or “GB” several images can be stored between downloads. This is a good idea to use a digital storage device to your memory card each download night.These are palm-size hard drives which vary in capacity from 20 to 100 + gigabits. Some have small color screens for viewing.Traveling with a laptop is another option where images can be displayed, stored, or burned to CD or DVD. Small battery CD and DVD writers are also available and offers probably the safest form of backup.


Most digital cameras provide the opportunity to shoot RAW or JPEG, and this is the format that records the image, the digital equivalent film.Jpeg is a file format that stores digital photos in a very space-efficient way.It use compression to reduce file size at the expense of fine image detail to do this.The level of compression (and thus loss of quality) can be varied. RAW files contain all the data collected by the sensor, not a sub-committee that is the case with Jpeg files.Raw offers the greatest flexibility for post correction of exposure and color, and is the natural shooting format most professional photographers.

Noise and ISO

As in film photography, the noise level increases with higher ISO settings and displays them in the form of pixels in the wrong color appearing at random in the dark areas. At ISO settings up to 400 very low noise is noticeable, so keep the ISO under the 400 and save the higher ISO settings for when there is no alternative.


There are a variety races from negatives for prints or transparencies for projection, there are avast number of films to choose from.The speed or sensitivity to light is read by an ISO rating.The higher ISO, the more sensitive to light film will be.However, the results see more grainy.As light level in East Africa are generally very good, it should be possible to take advantage of the fine quality at lower ISO films.The quality of the movie you want can be difficult to calculate.Try and prepare a daily requirement and double click it! X-ray security checks at airports are standard procedure.However, they used for hand luggage checks should not cause any problems for film or digital. Keep your luggage is checked Even with powerful X-rays, so always take the film as hand luggage.

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Camera Bags

To protect the camera equipment from damage, dust and rain is essential the need to buy a good quality camera bag.There Many well-designed camera bags on the market Nowdays, with more recent design takes the form of backpacks, this is fine, especially if you expect to have to carry much equipment distance.In choose a suitable bag, resist the temptation to buy one that is too big you will only feel obligated to fill it! with increasingly tight controls and restrictions imposed by airlines on the size and weight of hand baggage, the less better.Waist mounted camera and lens bags can help to spread load.Stuff bags, sold in most camping stores in various sizes, providing an additional form of protection against dust and rain.

Camera Supports

The most common cause of bad image is undoubtedly the lack of definition as a result of camera shake.Overcoming this problem will increase your success rate tremendously with the help of camera instruction manuals which gives details of “How to keep the camera” and it is well worth developing a good technique in this area, with elbows locked firmly into the body.

Whenever possible, we recommend the use of a tripod. There are lots of light, yet solid models on the market that will fit comfortably average suitcase or roll bag.Monopods is also a good means of steadying the camera, but they require some practice. In most photographic safari to East Africa, most filming will be made from a vehicle at play stations in most cases preclude the use of a tripod or monopod.The best option for shooting from a vehicle is to employ the use of beabag, a very simple but very effective method the camera support.Although beanbag is commercially available it is not difficult to make and all you need is a part of the fabric or canvas sewn to form a zipper bag with about 300 mm 150mm.This can be packed in luggage, on arrival at your chosen destination, be filled with rice, beans or peas and then put it on the roof of the safari vehicle it quickly mold around the camera and lens, forming a very effective support.

Rifle stock and pistol grip does allow freedom of movement when you try to photograph moving subjects such as animals running or birds in flight.if you have no alternative but to hand hold the camera while shooting, you should always make sure that the shutter speed is equal to or greater than the focal length of the lens in use, so for 500mm-1/60th: 100mm-1? one hundred and twenty fifth: 200mm-1/250th: 500mm-1/500th and so on.

Once you have all those listed below that you set for safaris and ready for all eventualities and is secured even if we have technical problems, but you already know and have backup.

Scenic Safari, sightseeing and aerial photography will just be nice and memorable when you get or else quality pictures that is all a waste and thus the importance of giving you tips on what to do when preparing for a safari to avoid last minute disappointments.

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