5 Tips for Creating a Memorable Photo Book

I recently created a photo book for my sister’s 50th birthday. The photo book was her gift from my husband and I. It was also a guest book for people to sign at her surprise party.

While the end result was a great success and extremely well received by my sister and her birthday party guests, the process of getting a quality photo book printed on time was more challenging than I anticipated.

I wanted to share with you my experience and the lessons learned to help you with your photo book.

The cover of my photo book was a really good picture of my sister and her husband!

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1.) Allow at least 3 to 5 hours of computer time for this project . I realize that sounds like a lot, but you have to take into account all the steps necessary to create a good photo book. One service I looked at said that users should budget one hour just for creating the book itself after photos have been uploaded and edited. This is not a quickie project.

2.) It’s a good idea to break this project down into smaller, more manageable steps . Doing it all at once will just frustrate you, especially if you have to do a lot of scanning and editing. And once you start working with the book itself, it’s a good idea to save it and come back to it with fresh eyes.

3.) There are many photo book services to choose from, so I would recommend asking these questions before you make your choice . How long will it take to get it printed and shipped? Do they have expedited shipping? Do they provide a template that you can follow as you create the book or are you crafting each page as you go along? Do you need to download any software and if so, does this cost extra? When I initially began my research, I paid close attention to the overall cost and the look of the finished photo book, which are definitely a must. But I quickly learned that these other features are important, too.

4.) Pay attention to how many pages, and therefore pictures, you will need in your book . Some of the photo books I looked at required a certain number of pages be printed. If you didn’t fill up the book, you still paid the same amount and they printed blank pages. So just be sure you gather enough pictures to fill up your book.

5.) Create a theme to unify the book . This can be the difference between an album of random photos and a really memorable gift. I began by gathering quotes about aging, turning 50, and birthdays from around the web. I added the quotes to the book and everyone had a good laugh along with some of the older (think 70s and 80s hair and clothes) pictures.

Good luck with your photo book. I hope this helps you create a memorable, thoughtful gift.

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