Why is it necessary to hire a photographer?

Something a client said the other day, and a sentiment that is often discussed prompted me to write this article.

With such advanced photography solutions available in the mainstream consumer market – why is it necessary to hire a photographer?

Most of us now own a mobile phone capable of taking the kind of picture we could only have dreamed of with a basic film camera years ago. Some of us go the extra step and own point and shoot, or even more expensive DSLR cameras with a multitude of automatic functions, millions of pixels, effects and so on.

Most mobile phones contain powerful and versatile cameras, and can even be upgraded!

With these photography solutions being so full of ‘intelligent’ technology, why do we need ‘photographers’ with lighting, often very expensive cameras and so on? Well, mainly because automatic offers no guarantees, and is not entirely flexible. Imagine on your wedding day, having your photograph taken with a bright blue sky behind you. An automatic picture will have to choose which to expose for and will generally leave you in the dark with a nice background, or you well exposed, and a screaming whiteout for a background. A photographer would know to compensate for these conditions and make sure every aspect of the shot was properly exposed, often adding some flash or other such lighting in the foreground. Photographers can also selectively adjust to give the right balance of exposure to give prominence to a certain feature.

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Bad photography can ruin happy memories..

Automatic cameras cannot compose. Pointing and shooting may sometimes be good enough quality, but (good) photographers know how to compose, and position people and hopefully do this seamlessly and unobtrusively. For example a certain angle of head position can instantly give someone a double chin, and is to be avoided, looking up in a certain way can often wrinkle the brow, a movement of one hip can change the prominence of a bottom in a shot and so on. If a memory is being captured, then it is often nice to have it captured in a flattering way without deceiving or over editing. Also a (good) photographers eye can spot things you may not want in your shot – unwanted background/ foreground elements can often sour an otherwise pleasing image.

Another reason is control of your image and it’s atmospheric dynamic. I shot the new Aston Martin Vanquish a couple of months back for a personal project, and was fortunate enough to receive advice from a photographer commercially used by Aston. He explained how certain angles appeal to companies, and how easy it can be to unintentionally visually distort a product simply by choosing the wrong angle. Making something appear unlike itself. Automatic cameras have no control over this. Likewise with regards to colour, tone, texture and so on, you are generally limited to what the camera wants, or ‘thinks’ is correct.

Of course there are exceptions to this, and millions of beautiful pictures are taken by everyday camera owners on a daily basis. But, when you want something specific, and you want to be sure that it is well represented in a manner you find appealing, then the chances are you are better off with a professional.

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