Long exposure photography

Long exposure photography is a great way to capture things that you may not be able to see with the human eye. The same is true for rapid exposure. Basically you keep the shutter of your camera open for longer or shorter periods, which produces very interesting effects.

A very rapid shutter speed can capture anything from raindrops in the air to a bullet being fired, as the action is quicker than the human eye. Long exposures produce effects such as the ‘light trails’ you may have seen in moving vehicle shots, and are a result of the cameras sensor being ‘exposed’ to a frame for a long time, almost like capturing stationary video.

For the ‘Splash!’ effect I use several lights to illuminate the water, then a fast shutter speed to ‘freeze’ the citrus fruit at various points of entry. For the landscape of the lake, I left the shutter open for a longer time, which keeps the frame (ground, trees etc.) stationary, but the movement of the water when captured on a long exposure creates an almost ‘glass like’ effect.


There are many more things to consider when composing these shots (ISO, aperture, stability, lighting and so on) but the basic principle remains the same.

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