Bobby Roode beat Eric Young.

Bobby Roode beat Eric Young. Bleh. I HATE Eric Young. Easily the worst grad of the BCW school in Windsor. He adds nothing. He’s a shit worker, shit interview, shit look. Shit in general. He makes Lashley look like Lou Thez. And I Legit mean that. Bobby Roode on the other hand, is incredibly talented. Great everything. Yet is buried by a Dibase lite gimmick. Lame. Shit match with a lamer Memphis Tar and Feather finish. Only good thing=more Tracy Brooks tit. Which is nice.

Chris Harris beat Goldust via DQ. I’ve always loved Dustin Rhodes, and I actually think he’ll do well in TNA now. He’s working a schizo gimmick with Black Reign as his alter ego. It’s essentially Goldust but silver instead of gold. He destroyed Harris, squash style. Harris can’t get over if he tried, and feeding him to Dustin is brilliant. And the fact Rhodes appears to be using a Sullivan Spike as a weapon makes me hard. Go Dustin! w00t.

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Steiner Bros beat The Dudleyz. I hate admitting this, but I loved this match. I’m a tag team mark and this was actually a good match. Dudleyz are consistent as always, but it was the first time I saw the Steiners as a team in YEARS and honestly they did well for men their age. I mark huge for Scott and the fact he pulled off a top rope Frankensteiner tonight deserves props. Rick definitely dropped BuhBuh on his head and looked intense, but besides that no real big botches. Steiner capped off with the Bulldog Device for the win, as I marked like a 8 year old Cena fan. Le sigh, I suck.

Pacman Jones debuts. Ugh. Almost immediately I saw he has the charisma of Chris Benoit now. He can’t talk. He’s not real big. He can’t do anything apparently per his contract. Why hire him besides the news shit they documented 13 times during the show? Despite that, he got the nice pyro opening. The fact he’s not coming out to “Make It Rain” angers me. BUUUTT the always lame Impact Zone fans shocked me by doing something funny, throwing up Monopoly Money as Jones entered the ring. Nice. I bet they started a “That Was Awesome” chant following that compliment. Bad promo by Jones, leading to Ron Killings crashing stuff and being the Austin to Jones’ Tyson here. Killings, I believe is one of the more underrated wrestlers world wide. He can talk and wrestle very well and has what it takes to be incredibly over. Yet isn’t. Lame. I think he’s the perfect guy to be in on this angle. He could and will make Jones entertaining and will most likely get the rub for being in the celeb angle. But yeah, craptastic. Jones got “beat up” afterwards. Bleh

Team Sting beat the Christian Coalition in War Games. Terrible. It was essentially first blood War Games, I think? Anything with Test is terrible, so that’s the first thing I though of this when it started. Cage and Styles play their gimmicks of asshole and rube VERY well and are consistently the highlights of TNA, and yet again they we’re in this match. Sting was bleh as usual. Test or the Punisher or whatever, was clearly roid ravaged to the point he can barley walk. Abyss took his usual sick bumps and added nothing else besides that. Tomko I can’t take serious unless Bernard is near. The angle with Cage/Abyss is rather terrible and drawn out FAR too long. This will hopefully end it and lead to a Cage/Styles tag title run and Abyss feuding with Ricky Banderas, which should be good.

As the PPV draws near it’s end, I think that so far 4 things in this whole PPV made me happy and I again regret buying a TNA PPV.

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