I spent several weeks last month attending conferences.

I spent several weeks last month attending the UNITED and WPPI conferences on the west coast. It was an amazing, refreshing, inspiring experience that left me in a new and better place to kick off the new year in my business, but one of my favorite parts of the entire trip would have to be the time spent in the car with 3 amazing women traveling between the 2 events.

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We left Santa Barbara in a rental car packed to the fullest. The first stop was to drop off one of our new friends (Xiomara) at Disney Land before the rest of us headed off to Vegas. Though our time with Xiomara was short, I thoroughly enjoyed her company. She was a bright, smart and funny addition to the trip and I was so excited for her “surprise” Disney vacation for her family who was also headed down from Oregon at the same time! Once we had dropped Xiomara in Anaheim, my new friends Jill and Spicy Tee we’re headed back up to the desert towards Vegas. Jill was from Minnesota and Spicy Tee was from Nigeria and together we had so much to talk about with such different lives yet as women photographers we had so much in common.

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