As an animal lover, I have always been fascinated with animal documentaries. I love seeing animals explore their natural territory, and growing up into a family who often visited Zoo’s quite frequently, I never thought anything of the ways that animals we’re enclosed, living in captivity.

It’s pretty much fair to say that the documentary Blackfish has completely changed my perception of how animals are treated.

To summarize: Blackfish is a documentary which explores the story of an Orca (killer whale) known as Tilikum who came to SeaWorld in Orlando in 1992. The documentary looks into the ways that orcas are mistreated in captivity, from being torn apart from their mothers to having to constantly perform in water shows for thousands of people daily. It also looks into the deaths of three people who we’re killed by Tilikum, and how SeaWorld responded through the media about these incidents.

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Growing up, it was my dream to travel to Orlando to visit not just Disney World but also SeaWorld. I envied my friends who had pictures of themselves swimming with dolphins and seeing beautiful orcas soar out of the water and through the air, before diving back down deep again. I thought it was a magical place, but now I know so much better.

SeaWorld is not a home where animals are free and looked after. SeaWorld is a place where animals are manipulated into entertaining audiences day in day out. They are kept in tiny enclosures, forced to live with other orcas who are not from their original pack, they rake each other, lunge at performers and have their young stripped away from them before they even have a chance to bond.

Does that sound like protecting these magnificent creatures to you?

After watching Blackfish, I feel sickened to have gone to a Zoo named Loro Parque in Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife. Here I was in awe at watching the orcas perform, thinking it was amazing to see them splash around happily in the water, Little did I know that these orcas came from SeaWorld, that they we’re the young that was taken away.

Blackfish isn’t just a documentary. It’s an eye-opener, a life changer. Seeing how orcas are like in the wild is just breathtaking. They’re with their families, their dorsal fin up straight, but most of all they have endless amounts of water to explore. They are free, happy, and that is how they should be. Not cooped up in cages where they can attack.

Yes. They can kill. Blackfish proves this by investigating the deaths of 3 individuals, in particular the death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau. But that’s not the shocking part. The shocking part is that SeaWorld refused to accept responsibility, stating that it was the trainers fault for having a long ponytale which Tilikum mistook for a toy. They didn’t blame Tilkium, but instead they blamed her death on herself. Sickening.

I fully recommend the documentary to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

*all thoughts & opinions are my own. i am not sponsored to say these things.

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